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Tales of Dhvaras revisits Norway´s ancient bukkehorn in the new single from their next album, Nór

Oslo, 5/9/2023 Tales of Dhvaras just released their first single and music video, “For Vredens Saar”, from their upcoming album, Nór, to be released in 2024.

For Vredens Saar - A tribute to the wanderer

Cover artwork of the view from Bøverdalen towards Sognefjellet.
For Vredens Saar is the first single from the next album to be released in 2024. More information about the concept album, Nór, will be provided soon.

Kyrre Riksen in Nordmarka
Kyrre Riksen of Tales of Dhvaras. Photo credit: Håvard Jørgensen

Kyrre Riksen explains “I filmed the music video by foot from Jotunheimen to Sognefjorden to bring listeners closer to the actual locations inspiring our songwriting and mindset for the first single from our next album. Therefore, the single is a tribute to the wanderer, and the focused mind achieved by wandering alone in the offline world.

When we were active as a metal band from 1991 to 1995 in Groruddalen we were also inspired by the dark expressions we found in the forest for creating our musical moods and lyrics so nothing is new from that perspective.

Bukkehorn in the vocal recording booth of FSN Productions
One of Kyrre´s handcrafted bukkehorns in the recording studio. Photo credit: FSN Productions

What´s new now with the single “For Vredens Saar” is we feature one of Norway´s oldest instruments, the bukkehorn, to make the listening experience just as raw and natural as the goat horns we crafted into instruments for recording purposes. Some may also recognise the sound of the instrument from the popular Vikings series on Netflix contributed by the Norwegian band, Wardruna and Einar Selvik.

We also deliberately stripped down the production to the basics with all its flaws to give the most primitive representation of the wanderer´s journey all the way from the mighty mountains of Jotunheimen via Sognefjellet before descending down to Sognefjorden with all the extreme weather shifts, scenic changes and varied moods."

Check out the new music video and single from Tales of Dhvaras "For Vredens Saar"

The band´s first single may be experienced as a visual journey on YouTube or via other streaming platforms ahead of the release of the concept album, Nór (2024). Watch out for updates about the next album and enjoy the newest music video in the meantime.

Source: Official Band Youtube Channel of Tales of Dhvaras.


Song credits for the single "For Vredens Saar"

Music video credits:

FSN Productions

Song credits:

Mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at Kvalsonic Lab

Music written and recorded by Kyrre Riksen at FSN Productions (Drums recorded by Dax Liniere at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio).

Mixed and co-produced by Tom Kvålsvoll (Kvalsonic Labs) with Kyrre.

Performance by the band, Tales of Dhvaras:

Kyrre Riksen - Vocals, guitars and bukkehorns

Ruben Drage DeLeon - Bass guitars

Zach Mizzi - Drums


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