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Tales of Dhvaras


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Riffs speak louder. So let the riffs begin.


Full Speed or Nothing full album by Tales of Dhvaras.jpg

Listen to the debut album"Full Speed or Nothing" by Tales of Dhvaras released 16/6 or buy the vinyl in our shop now.

Three Winters Black.jpg

Listen to "Three Winters Black",  from Tales of Dhvaras released March 12th 2021.

Eat Shit to be a star.jpg

Listen to "Eat Shit to be a Star", the Sixth Episode from Tales of Dhvaras released July 3rd 2020.

Let the Snake Devour.jpg

Listen to "Let the Snake Devour", the Fifth Episode from Tales of Dhvaras released June 12th 2020.


Listen to "Tverrbekkli"(Instrumental), the Fourth Episode from Tales of Dhvaras released May 29th 2020.


Listen to "Slay", the Third Episode from Tales of Dhvaras released May 15th 2020.

Full Speed or Nothing.jpg

Listen to "Full Speed or Nothing", the Second Episode from Tales of Dhvaras. The single was released April 24th 2020.

Single Cover Geiranger.jpg

´Geiranger´ was released March 27th. Listen to the single via your music service of choice 
🌐 #talesofdhvaras #geiranger 

Tales of Dhvaras is a Norwegian metal band ressurrected from the nineties and releasing new music in 2020🤘

Read first music review here🙏

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