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Bandcamp of the Day: Tales of Dhvaras

By Chloe Mogg (New Noise Magazine)

Go to original source for full article. Tales of Dhvaras are the Norwegian metal band that you need in your life if you haven’t already gotten familiar. Back again after 20 years, Full Speed of Nothing was released on April 24.

“The sound was made to feel like a punch in the face, and the lyrics are about getting up again,” said Kyrre Riksen, who recently resurrected his band after over two decades of dormancy.

Back in 2012 he carved “FSN,” the abbreviation for Full Speed or Nothing, into the graffiti wall at Gamlebyen Skatepark in Oslo to declare his passion to building strength from roots through perseverance. Earlier this week, he posted numerous Instagram photos of skate spots in Oslo that he defined as his battlefields.

More relevant than ever, the latest single breaths strength and motivation into the music. Proving that it’s ok to start again and dust yourself off, Tales of Dhuvaras are back and better than ever. 

Check out their Bandcamp here



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