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Step Into the Past: Tales of Dhvaras' "Fjeldslåtten" Honors Ancestral Resilience

Oslo, 18/12/2023

Tales of Dhvaras invites you to embark on an enchanting journey through time with their latest release, "Fjeldslåtten." This single not only marks a powerful addition to the world of black metal but also takes you deep into the heart of Norway's raw mountain landscape.

Accompanying the release is a captivating music video filmed in the majestic Nordland region. "Fjeldslåtten" is a sneak peek into their forthcoming album, "Nór," scheduled for 2024.

"Fjeldslåtten" seamlessly blends the intense energy of black metal with the rhythmic and melodic enchantment of Norwegian folk music. The hauntingly melancholic bukkehorn, Norway's ancient musical instrument, weaves its spell throughout the track, connecting listeners to the ancestral roots of Norse culture.

The song's introduction features the sounds of nature captured at the picturesque mountain farm of Tverrbekkli in Nordland. As you delve into the Norwegian lyrics (available on Bandcamp), you'll find a celebration of the resilience and simplicity of the mountain farm life of our ancestors, just a generation ago.

But that's not all – Tales of Dhvaras invites you to embark on a visual adventure. The accompanying music video, filmed in the untamed landscapes of Nordland, will transport you from Holmvatnet in Utskarpen, up to Kvanndalsrabben, and finally to Tverrbekkli mountain farm (with its setra) overlooking Botnfjorden and Ranfjorden.

Don't miss out on this immersive experience. Watch the video on YouTube.

This song draws inspiration from the diary of the songwriter's grandmother, a former resident of the Tverrbekkli farm. After relocating from Sandnessjøen to Oslo following World War II, she may not have missed the hardships of her past, but she always longed for the untamed nature of Nordland.

Join Tales of Dhvaras on a journey through time and sound. "Fjeldslåtten" awaits your discovery, a fusion of darkness, tradition, and the enchantment of Nordland's nature.

🎥 Video Credits: FSN Productions, filmed by Kyrre Riksen in Norway

✍️ Music by: Kyrre Riksen and Kay Olsen

🎙️ Recorded by: Kyrre Riksen at FSN Productions (Drums recorded by Dax Liniere at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio)

🎧 Mastered by: Tom Kvålsvoll (Kvalsonic Lab)

🖥️ Mixed & Co-produced by: Tom Kvålsvoll (Kvalsonic Labs) with Kyrre

Performance by Tales of Dhvaras:

Kyrre Riksen - Vocals, Guitars, and Bukkehorns

Ruben Drage DeLeon - Bass Guitars

Zach Mizzi - Drums


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