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Tales of Dhvaras plays metal with a Whisky bottle on its newest single "Slay"

In its third episode, Tales of Dhvaras, is putting the whisky bottle to the test in search for a rawer rock n´roll infused metal sound. Watch their Riff Lab update on Youtube.

It´s been 7 weeks since the Norwegian metal band, Tales of Dhvaras, went live with its first single “Geiranger” (and subsequently Full Speed or Nothing) after having laid dormant for over two decades. In the course of that time the band has already caught the interest of listeners on platforms such as Spotify and Youtube. The band is releasing its third single, Slay, on the 15th of May via all major streaming platforms. Listen here

Here is a recap from the band founder and songwriter, Kyrre Riksen:

The first episode and instrumental, Geiranger, released March 27th, set the foundation for what I referred to as Skogsrock (translated to Forest rock) in the nineties. Reviews are available from First Angel Media and Death Metal Underground.

The idea of the second episode, Full Speed or Nothing, released April 24th, was to feel like a punch in the face. Its higher streaming numbers on Spotify indicates it is probably even more appealing to the broader audience.

Read Bandcamp of the Day feature at New Noise Magazine.

If Full Speed or Nothing was meant to be a punch in the face, an axe in the face may be a more suitable description for the third episode, Slay, being released on May 15th. Slightly darker and more primitive sounding than the two previous songs. Yet retaining that rock n´roll infused Norwegian metal sound. I experimented with a whisky bottle in the intro to create a rawer atmosphere. Check out our Riff Lab Update on our Youtube Channel.

Slay can be listened to via all major streaming platforms here as of May 15th. May the riff be with us🤘.



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