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PRESS RELEASE: Tales of Dhvaras just unleashed its angriest song so far "Let the Snake Devour"

It´s only been two and a half months since the Norwegian metal band, Tales of Dhvaras, went live with the first release "Geiranger" after over two decades of dormancy. Since then we have also released Full Speed or Nothing, Slay and Tverrbekkli. This time we deliver our angriest single so far "Let the Snake Devour", which is available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms now.

There´s no secret we are obsessed with riffs so feel free to peek behind the scenes and check out our rifflab updates at the official Youtube and Instagram accounts to see in real life how our newest single was put together. We are thrilled to see not only more and more listeners, but also how passionate they are about the methods used to craft the right sound. We share the same passion and we want our listeners to be part of the journey and not just look at the finished product or fall into the famous genre trap. Our playlist on Spotify, Riffs Speak Louder, is a good indication of what music inspired our sound in the last three decades. Now, Let the Snake Devour🤘.

Rehearsals at Blue Studios in Hackney, London

Recording sessions at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios, London.


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